Behr's has been serving Dubuque and the Tri-State area since 1936.  Over the years we've helped countless families through the most crucial initial stages of the grieving process.  The experience and motivation derived from this lifelong mission has developed some of the most insightful and knowledgeable practices in the industry.  We continually strive to improve our skills in serving those in need and begin every day with a simple prayer; "Lord, please use us as your instrument and grant us the words and actions to assist, in the best way possible, those whom you bring into our lives today".  Now this may appear to many as just one of several acts we'll perform throughout our day, but to us, this is the dynamic building block of a strong and time tested business model which inevitably created The Behr's Difference.


For those who have experienced The Behr's Difference, we know that they've witnessed firsthand how the humble and contrite heart of a servant can change attitudes and directly impact the hearts and minds of those we care for.  We desire daily to truly help the healing process begin in a healthy and fruitful manner.  We humbly accept that we cannot remedy all  of the physical, emotional and spiritual pain which develops rapidly upon the loss of a dearly loved family member or friend.  We acknowledge that this entire process will only be accomplished with time; and most likely will never be eliminated, but simply become tolerable.  We've all lost those we deeply adore over the years, and understand the anguish can sometimes be more than one human being should have to bear.  But it is through these experiences and our unwavering devotion towards empathy that we are able to deliver such uncompromising service.


One of the most valued components of The Behr's Difference can be found in our desire to assist our families in both celebrating and honoring the life of their loved one.  We firmly believe that every life is significant and as history has proven time and again, much can be said about a culture, and the future of it, by how we treat our dead.  This social more is, generally speaking, a multi-faceted series of events for our families; but in situations where smaller gatherings will occur, we seamlessly transition into an all in one day format.  We primarily view the first part, known as the wake or visitation, as a celebration.  This is a time for family and friends to gather in a much more informal setting to share memories, discover different aspects of their loved ones life through new stories from co-workers or other acquaintances, as well as the abundant expression of sympathies and condolences.   By the end of the wake, the family has eventually interacted with all of the different lives that have been, either directly or indirectly, affected by the loss of their precious loved one's life.  The wake is an abundantly valuable experience for all involved and quite often a little laughter and joy can be discovered and implemented to relinquish the continuous grip of deep sorrow on the heart and mind.


The second part, universally known as the funeral ceremony, is the opportunity to honor a life well lived and acknowledge that this heart-breaking loss is only a temporary division.  This is a much more reverent and solemn event.  This is where you'll find us in our pressed suits and Sunday proper attire, respectfully directing our families through the ritual of their final earthly goodbye.  The clergy will memorialize, praise positive attributes, console with many comforting passages and with the love of a shepherd, nurture the family through the spiritual transition from this mortal domain into a more perfect and peaceful eternity.  Whether Catholic or Protestant, we all have lives to live and a soul which will exist beyond this vapor of a life.  Instilled within The Behr's Difference is an adamant belief that there is intrinsic value in all of God's creations and the inevitable loss of each one should be both consciously celebrated and reverently honored.     


At Behr's, we also make a constant effort to maintain a strong ethical outlook within our calling.  We never see the loss of another life as an opportunity to gain wealth or increase our call volume.  We firmly believe and set our prices as an accurate representation of our costs of doing business.  We have a beautiful building in historic downtown Dubuque, a staff that is second to none in talent, experience and methodology, we offer high end equipment and amenities, utilize state of the art audio/video and security equipment, and a business model that is uniquely ours.  These offerings clearly intersect with many others to create value which continually develops The Behr's Difference.   As you can clearly see, we are the only funeral home in the area to publically disclose all of our service prices.  We willingly offer complete access to the financial aspect of our business model as an opportunity for our families to make informed and educated decisions.  We have nothing to hide, no hidden or surprise costs; we are simply here to celebrate and honor lives well lived in the best way we know how; with integrity.  We have absolutely no desire to be the cheapest; as we have all discovered in life, the true value of products, services or relationships are rarely based on the fiscal liability of said commodity, but rather in both the tangible and intangible qualities they ultimately bring to the table.  At Behr's, this fact of reality is undeniable; you will get exactly what you desire, the best service and staff available at a great price. 


We also have no desire to be the busiest funeral home in town.  Our goal is quite simply to be the best at what we do and deliver the highest quality services in the industry.   We embrace the opportunity to specifically focus on each individual family with a laser-like attention to detail.  Our families will experience the same faces, compassionate care and selfless attitude from beginning to end.  Whether it's the genuine concern for your sorrow during the initial call, all the assistance with every detail throughout, or the final hug or handshake at the end of your services; you will have seen, felt and experienced The Behr's Difference on more levels than you previously understood as possible.  We view our opportunity to become directly involved in your family dynamics as one of the most cherished compliments we could receive.  Your trust in us will never be taken for granted or neglected.  We are here to help, serve and carry you through a most difficult time in your life and we comprehend the concrete importance of your faith in us.  These traits and attitudes are something we graciously offer and have discovered will bless our lives as we are a blessing unto others.


Now, The Behr's Difference is so much more than just a rare business model enveloped within a uniquely gracious attitude.  The culmination of multiple aspects of our behaviors is where the true difference can be found.  We faithfully believe in and embrace the golden rule as a way of life.  This will instantly be evident in every decision we make, the guidance we give and actions we display.  It is our foundation which elevates the opportunity to share The Behr's Difference with those who call upon us.  But it is ultimately our entire team functioning with the heart of a servant that sets the standard known as "The Behr's Difference".